Commercial Insurance

We provide a wide variety of commercial general insurance to manage your business risks

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What type of commercial insurance do we offer?


Business Packages

Protection plans for your business with a range of affordable and flexible solutions.



Providing you with an ease of mind to get your big investment covered against losses or damages.


Fidelity Guarantee

Covers against loss owing to fraud or dishonest acts committed by your employees.


Public Liability

Protects against claims of personal injury or property damage that a third party suffers as a result of your business activities.


Work Injury Compensation

Protects employer from legal liability towards their workers if they suffer personal injury/death by accident arising out of and during the course of employment.


Foreign Worker Medical Insurance

Help employers to ease the bills for a foreign worker’s medical expenses, including hospital bills arising from treatment for causes that may not be work-related.


Group Hospital & Surgical

Ideal coverage for all SME to choose from a range of cover that suit their corporate needs.



Help to manage your company capital liquidity and ease the financial burden.


Engineering (Contractor all Risk)

Provides coverage for both damage to a property and third party injury or damage claims.


Construction Package

An insurance package that gives you the flexibility to adjust and suit the unique requirements for your construction projects.

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